Good Oil

Film/Music Video

Joel Kefali


Mood Ring


Who We Are

Book At Bedtime

Abe Forsythe

Little Monsters Trailer

A washed-up musician teams up with a teacher and a kids show personality to protect young children from a sudden outbreak of zombies.

Tom Campbell

Short Film Teaser

The Bends

A mixed martial arts fighter discovers she's pregnant in the lead-up to the most important fight of her career.

Joel Kefali


Solar Power

A single shot captures Lorde's connection to the summery outdoors on a remote beach in New Zealand.

Stuart Bowen


Nine Perfect Strangers

Stuart directs second unit and follows nine guests who gather at a remote health resort. These perfect strangers have no idea what's about to hit them.

Michelle Savill

Ellen Is Leaving

Short Film Trailer

On the eve of departing overseas, Ellen makes the fateful decision to gift her boyfriend a new girlfriend.

Stuart Bowen


Walk Me Home

P!nk dances, flips and flies her way through a picturesque city night with only shadows to dance with.

Joel Kefali



Kefali's dreamy observation of a bunch of aimless teenage boys in a vacuous suburbia of claustrophobically clean rooms.

Ringan Ledwidge

Massive Attack, Young Fathers

Voodoo In My Blood

Rosamund Pike encounters an alien orb floating in a pop-brutalist commuter tunnel.

Curtis Hill

The Rubens


A homeless man dances himself into near-naked almost-spiritual oblivion beneath a highway.

Anita Fontaine



After feeding her gigantic pet snails, Benee takes a psychedelic bike trip down a mushroom lined road.

Vedran Rupic

Salvatore Ganacci


Stranger Danger is highlighted when a man steals a grandmother away from her real grandkids.

Vedran Rupic


Salvatore Ganacci

Winning Gold at Cannes YDA, this is a surreal revenge fantasy for animals everywhere.

Abe Forsythe

Down Under Trailer

In this black comedy set during the aftermath of the Cronulla riots, two carloads of hotheads from opposing sides are destined to collide.

Joel Kefali


Got It Bad

Intricate tabeleaux of people staring at something unseen beyond the frame, as the camera follows their gaze into the next still life.

Joel Kefali

Katy Perry

This Is How We Do

The ear candy matches the eye candy and defies gravity as it trips through pop ephemera, animation and contemporary art.

Henry Hobson


Feature Film Trailer

After his daughter is infected with a virus that transforms her into a zombie, a small-town farmer will stop at nothing to save her, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger & Abigail Breslin.

Stuart Bowen


Short Film Trailer

Ever since he was a kid, Woody has dreamt of playing piano. The problem is that he only has wooden paddles for hands.

Vedran Rupic

Salvatore Ganacci