Good Oil

Good for Good

Michelle Savill

Pet Refuge

Love Can Hurt

The work introduced Kiwis to Pet Refuge, the country's first shelter for pets affected by family violence, exceeding funding goals in just a week.


House Of Cars Case Study

An installation that captured what it's like to be homeless and living in in a car, via a house built from automobile parts and interactive screens.

Joel Kefali

Tiger Beer

Air Ink

Documenting how 19 international artists transformed collected pollution into beautiful Air-Ink artworks symbolising a need for more innovative thinking to help solve the world's environmental issues

Running To America


Four young Indigenous men from the Australian outback are plucked from obscurity by marathon legend Robert de Castella to run the world's most famous race, the New York Marathon in this observational documentary.

Justin McMillan


Teaser Trailer

A heart-wrenching story about a missing boy, reminding parents that telling children fantasies to save them from the realities of life won’t save them from coming to harm.

Ringan Ledwidge


Life Story

An integrated advertising campaign telling the story of Michael, a well-adjusted parent, and how Barnardo’s helped him at pivotal stages of his life.

Stuart Bowen


Cat Ballads

A singing cat stars in the ultimate music video, as part of a multi-platform campaign to improve cat's lives, created with the RSPCA.

Justin McMillan

Tiger Beer

3890 Project

In partnership with WWF and Tiger Beer, this documentary series follows street artists from around the globe as they create interactive selfie backgrounds inspired by the 3890 tigers left in the world.