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Juliet Bishop




Executive Producer / Partner

With our industry-leading approach to production, we are uniquely positioned to facilitate ads in Australia and New Zealand. We draw on 18 years of experience to find inventive solutions to production challenges.

Australia and New Zealand have produced some of the most sought-after DOPs, designers, editors, VFX specialists and actors. We work with carefully-selected crew and post production houses, while our casting directors draw from a diverse pool of talent.

We have a vast array of locations in close proximity - rural idylls and country towns, lakes and forests, beach and sea, urban and suburban, nightscapes and cityscapes, deserts and otherworldly vistas.

As Coronavirus stalls filming in other regions, early isolation measures in Australia and New Zealand mean we will be on set while much of the world is still in shut-down.

Have your 'Out of Country’ Director work remotely with our crew using real time access applications. Choose either a 1st AD or Good Oil Director to work remotely with your Director throughout pre-production and shoot.

















Juliet Bishop

Executive Producer / Partner

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Sam Long

Executive Producer / Partner

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